Creating the conditions for social and economics progress

22@BARCELONA · Barcelona


Over the last 15 years, Barcelona has created a diverse, balanced and sustainable environment in the 22@Barcelona area, a district that boasts innovations in city planning and technology, as well as in terms of society and the economy, making use of pioneering technological infrastructures. It is an area where highly innovative companies, research centres and universities exist alongside housing, public services and green spaces. 22@Barcelona offers space for companies, universities, entrepreneurs and research centres with a focus on IT, ecology and city planning, while restoring important elements of the area’s industrial heritage. With some 93,000 people working in the area, it is home to 8,800 companies (500 more each year over the last 4 years), 30% of which are dedicated to intensive technological or research activities.


Offices and corporate headquarters

Universities and research centres

Innovation and creativity centres

Spaces for SMEs and Startups

Facilities and Services


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