Creating the conditions for social and economics progress

FRONT DEL RIU BESÒS · Sant Adrià del Besòs

Sant Adrià de Besòs, located in the Barcelona metropolitan area at the mouth of the Besòs River, has approximately 35,000 inhabitants and a markedly industrial character.

It is a dynamic city that is committed to the environment, regenerating the banks of the Besòs River and improving water quality; to history, preserving its emblematic factory smokestacks transformed into social space; and to development, by regenerating its neighborhoods and creating new residential areas.

  • 19 km from the city of Barcelona
  • Public transport
  • Excellent connections to transport network

Multi-family residential land


Total area: 11,530 m²
Expected floor space: 12,620 m²
Retail floor space: 2,160 m²
Maximum housing units: 120


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