Barcelona has become the second most attractive port in Europe for investment in logistics, according to the European Port Logistics Opportunities Index (EPLOI) of the consultancy Savills Aguirre Newman, in which Barcelona obtained 94.33 points.

The city of Barcelona has achieved the second position, only behind the logistics port of Rotterdam (Netherlands), which has reached 100 points. Behind Barcelona is Valencia, with 89.93 points; Antwerp (94.14 points), in Belgium, and Hamburg, with 79.83 points.

To determine this classification, as explained by the European Research specialist at Savills, Mike Barnes, “the growth of container traffic in European ports, current and future infrastructure developments, demographic changes and the fundamentals of real estate market, and where logistics demand will increase in the next ten years. ” Taking this premise into account, it must be borne in mind that the port of Barcelona has a prominent position in Europe due to its 70% increase in capacity in the last five years, which represents the fastest growth among the top five markets European ports. In this sense, as Gloria Valverde, director of Industrial-Logistics at Savills Aguirre Newman Barcelona, ​​points out, it should be noted that “the consolidation of the Logistics Activities Area of ​​the Port of Barcelona, ​​the low availability in the downtown area, as well as the level of income reached, is favoring the consolidation of other areas and the creation of new centralities in the main logistics corridors. This situation enhances the interest of investors in our territory by offering comparatively higher returns compared to other European cities. ”

Another notable conclusion of the report is that logistics operators consider that prime rentals in Spanish ports have a relatively low average salary (around 7 euros per square meter per month), compared to other European logistics ports, which makes them more profitable and enhances the interest of investors in Spanish territory, since the returns are comparatively higher than in other European cities.

Sergi Vilar, Vicepresident, Head of Pharma & APIs Sites Cluster at Merck Group


Xavier Mayo

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