Creating the conditions for social and economics progress

  • The plot, recovered from SEAT, is being put out to tender in order to speed up occupation and foster productivity and employment.
  • The tender seeks to strengthen Barcelona’s position on the productive map and boost intercontinental commercial transit.

Zona Franca Consortium
The Barcelona Zona Franca Consortium has put the first phase of the BZ Logistics Platform out to tender with a yearly lease of 1.4 million euros for an 11-hectare plot of prime industrial land. This plot used to house the corporate headquarters of SEAT, in the Barcelona industrial park.

The BZ Logistics Platform aims to attract large companies and latest-generation logistics warehouses to this area. They are seeking investors and operators with the capacity to attract large international corporations. The Consortium hopes to speed up the process for this land in order to foster productivity and generate employment.

The connection with the Port of Barcelona via the Mediterranean rail corridor, attracting operators from the Far East to the Port of Barcelona, and bringing the metro to the industrial park as of next year will increase their value and demonstrate their logistics excellence as an international exports and production platform.

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