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  • • Catalonia led the creation of companies in Spain in February, with 2,105 new businesses
  • • The region also has the best ratio of companies created to destroyed 

Catalonia leads creation of new companies in Spain

According to data published by the National Statistics Institute (INE), Catalonia led the nation in the creation of companies in February, with 2,105 new businesses, followed by Madrid (2,049) and Andalusia (1,655). This data confirms the trend seen in the report from Informa D&B, which compiles data from the Business Register. The report analyzes the creation and destruction of companies between 2011 and 2015.

Over this period, Catalonia was the region to see the highest growth in new companies in absolute numbers. In 2015, 18,748 new companies were created, 3,038 more than in 2011, up 19.3%. In Madrid, slightly more companies were created, 19,952, but the percentage of growth was lower, 11.4%.

Additionally, although Catalonia is second to Madrid in terms of investment over the past five years, the amount invested in the Spanish capital since 2011 has dropped more than 75%, while it has increased nearly 63% in Catalonia.

In this regard, another report from Infoempresa shows that 52 new companies were created each day in Catalonia in 2015. Plus, Catalonia has the best ratio of companies created to destroyed of any community, with 7.1 new companies for each one that goes out of business. This ratio is even higher in Barcelona, with 10.3 new companies for each one that disappears. The nationwide average is 4.3 new companies for each one that closes.

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