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Els Joncs is located in the town of Gavà and has a total of 80 ha. The sector has all sorts of land (urban, undeveloped and developed without boundaries) and is located around one of the gateways to the city, at the intersection of the C-234 and C-32 motorways. It is a large area between the Barcelona – Tortosa rail lines, which is the northwestern boundary creating a clear visual and physical limit, and the B-210 motorway, which is the southeastern boundary. The main activity in this area is currently agricultural land, with some buildings and greenhouses associated with this use. The main aim of this new area is to expand on land for economic activity currently available in areas like Camí Ral i Parets / Parc Industrial Barnasud. For this reason, the urban plan for the sector, geared towards economic activity, establishes only one type of zoning, with industrial, logistics, tertiary and office uses predominating.


  • 20 km from the city of Barcelona
  • Right next to El Prat Airport
  • Between AP-7 and A-2 motorways
  • Close to Renfe train station
  • Respect for a privileged natural environment
  • A strategic site for its location and connections

Land for industrial activities
Land for economic activities
Office buildings


Total area: 80 ha


INTERVIEW Òscar Oliver Aeroports de Catalunya
August 2017
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