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The Government of Catalonia, through Incasòl (the Catalan Land Institute), and Barcelona City Council are committed to fostering the execution of new strategic projects in Catalonia, especially in the Barcelona metropolitan area, as well as developing the most important logistics facilities around the Mediterranean Corridor, which make our territory the gateway to southern and central Europe for incoming and outgoing goods. Catalonia boasts a strategic location and a network of infrastructures in which all forms of transport converge to foster the creation of an industrial and commercial fabric with a full range of services to businesses, importers and exporters, as well as international operators.

Barcelona-Catalonia is made up of a set of projects located in the metropolitan area to form a fairer, more efficient and more sustainable urban development model. A model that opts for redevelopment as a way of dealing with social inequalities and improving quality of life, and as a strategy to begin the energy transition to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and cut emissions of atmospheric pollutants.

Investment in property in Barcelona doubles in the first half of 2017, reaching €1000 million

Hard Rock will invest 2000 million in the creation of Hard Rock Entertainment World, previously known as BCN World

The pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim will invest more than €100M in a new plant in Sant Cugat del Vallès

Catalonia achieves the best foreign investment figures in its history, with more than €5000 million

Barcelona inaugurates a business incubator for companies specialising in high technology at the 22@

El Prat is reinforced with a direct flight to Hong Kong and threatens the leadership of Barajas

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